Volker the Funky Melodica

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Volker the Funky Melodica is the first instrument of Hart Instruments. It was released about 2 years ago as freeware long before the company was founded with the purpose of getting an user feedback on my first steps into sample library production.

Since its release, the melodica was downloaded over 9000 times. However, this instrument has to be considered as a legacy product. Support will be limited since I am concentrating on the new products, but it is still a good thing (depending on how you like melodicas).

Unlike Thaddäus the Clarinet, it uses KONTAKT's proprietary AET filter to morph between dynamics (because the sophisticated Wavetable Synthesis + noise samples wasn't invented back then...). However this algorithm works quite okay on this simply matter.

Audio Demos



  • recorded stereo in 44kHz/24bit
  • normalized and converted to 16bit for better performance
  • AET Filter (3 layers) for dynamic expressibility
  • 2x Round Robin


  • custom impulse response of the recording room
  • manipulate the recording distance via one knob
  • customizable noise reproduction
  • smart polyphonic scripting that adjusts the volume if multiple notes are played
  • complex recreation of imperfect instrument behaviour


  • optimized for usage with Yamaha Breath Controller
  • custom flutter sound controllable via CC (puts the funk in the volker!)
  • recreation of instrument-specific playing techniques
  • easy to use GUI with exquisitely selected parameters
  • CC-Reconfiguration with "Learn"-button


  • one patch (no keyswitches or articulation switches necessary)
  • Low memory footprint (60MB Sample data)


This library requires a full version of NI KONTAKT 4+